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Gregory's Box'd Beverages - Tea with Lemon, Green Tea with Honey, Tea with Peach & Old Time Lemonade Premium Beverages.

Gregory's Box'd Beverages

Gregory's BOX'D Beverages are truly 100% natural. Made with minimal ingredients and real cane sugar, Gregory's is about great tasting teas, lemonade and juices that gives you the convenience of a whole lotta drink in one compact BOX. In fact, our box's have 168 ounces (1.32 gallons) of pure refreshment in 9 delicious flavors…

Tea with Lemon
Tea with Peach
Green Tea with Honey
LITE Green Tea with Honey
Old Time Lemonade
100% Tropical Fruit Punch Juice
100% Apple Juice
100% Grape Juice
Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Tea with Lemon
Tea with Peach

Green Tea
with Honey
Lite Green Tea with Honey
Old Time Lemonade

Juice Cocktail
Grape Juice
Apple Juice
Topical Fruit Punch

These eco-friendly compact box's are so smart and simple that it provides more refreshment than 2 ½ 64 ounce bottles. And, so compact, that it fits easily into your refrigerator. Gregory's BOX'D Beverages are made in our own facilities, so we can carefully watch how each BOX is made and ensure perfect quality beverages every time. My brother and I know because we have been making tea, lemonade and juices all our lives. We just think it's time to share our drinks with you, but deliver it in a way that makes life a little easier.
Pure Genius!

Simple Drinks.
Delivered Simply.

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Latest News

August 29, 2012

Hannaford and Sweetbay

Owned by the Belgian Delhaize Group, New England and Florida are now selling Gregory’s BOX’D Beverages through two of their flagship chains Hannaford and Sweetbay.  Hannaford with 177 stores and Sweetbay with 103 stores recently placed Tea with Lemon, Tea with Peach, Green Tea with Honey and Old Time Lemonade on their shelves in the Tea aisle. By September 30, they should be complete in adding them to their tea shelves.

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Shop Rite

To all of our Shop Rite customers…the last three summers, we have been an in & out item. This year, Wakefern (Shop Rites Distributor), agreed to place us on the shelf permanently year round.  However, they may not be in your store yet. If you do not see it, please ask the Grocery manager for it. It is available through their Wakefern warehouse.

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Shalom Kosher

You can find Gregory’s at the newly opened Shalom Kosher, a 25,000 square foot store that services the Kosher community in Maryland and Washington, DC. We wish Shalom Kosher all the best in their new store. You can find Shalom Kosher at 2307 University Blvd. West. Wheaton, Maryland 20902Blvd

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Gregory’s BOX’D Beverages comes to the south! Over 200 Ingles stores in North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia now carry Gregory’s BOX’D Beverages. Headquartered in Black Mountain, NC , Ingles is carrying all 9 flavors of Teas, Lemonade and Juices…including 100% Tropical Fruit Punch, 100% Apple, 100% Grape and a Cranberry Juice Cocktail. If you love Gregory’s BOX’D Beverages, you can certainly find it at Ingles.

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Price Chopper

Price Chopper is rolling out two flavors of Gregory’s BOXD Beverages starting in early May. Tea with Lemon and Tea with Peach will soon be available for all of Price Chopper customers who have been patiently waiting for Gregory’s BOX’D Beverages to arrive, especially in Eastern Upstate NY (but also includes locations in MA, CT, NH and VT).  A total of 115 stores are targeted to carry the product in their shelf stable tea section.

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Bed, Bath & Beyond Bed,

Bath & Beyond is testing Gregory’s BOX’D Beverages in 6 of their World Market Stores (Washington D.C, East Hanover, NJ, Sunrise, Florida, Auburn, Washington, Gurnee, Illinois, and Westbury, NY). In addition to BB & B’s domestic merchandise, these stores offer unique  food and beverage items. A perfect fit for Gregory’s BOX’D Beverages innovative, unique dispensing system coupled with our delicious tasting teas and lemonade.  [Further rollout pending test results]

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King Kullen

King Kullen on Long Island, NY will also test our Gregory’s BOX’D Beverages in a number of select stores coming this May. [Further rollout pending test results]

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Roche Brothers

Gregory’s BOX’D Beverages comes to Boston, MA!

Roche Brothers stores are located in  



West Roxbury

Look for the Tea and Lemonade mod pallet displays within their stores come early June. 
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